Can Hamsters eat Grass? – Do’s and Don’ts

Can Hamsters eat Grass

Yes, hamsters can eat grass as part of their diet. In the wild, hamsters consume a variety of plant material, including grasses and other leafy greens. In captivity, it is important to provide your Dwarf, Syrian, Robo or any hamster with a varied and nutritionally balanced diet that includes a high-quality hamster pellet mix and …

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Can Hamsters eat Lemon? – What You Need to Know

Can Hamsters eat Lemon

Lemons are not toxic to hamsters and can be given to them as an occasional treat in small amounts. However, lemons are very acidic for Syrian, Robo, Dwarf or any Hamster and may cause stomach upset if consumed in large amounts. It is important to feed lemons in moderation and to cut them into small …

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